On 26 May 2005, the Commonwealth Grants Commission received terms of reference asking it to review and simplify the methods used to calculate the relativities for distributing the pool of goods and services tax (GST) and health care grant revenue among the States and Territories. This page contains the Commission's response the terms of reference, including the supporting documentation basing it's response.


Supporting Documentation

2010 Review - Overview and General Papers

2010 Review - 2010 Overview

2010 Review - Draft Report

2008 Discussion papers and State submissions

2008 State visits - State briefings

Materiality and reliability 2005

Approach to disaggregation 2006

Disaggregating expenses

Disaggregating revenue

Architecture of HFE 2006 

Contemporaneity of HFE 2006 

Initial views on assessment structure and approaches 2006  

Roads papers

Transcripts of Commission Conferences

Consultant's Reports


State comments on post-compulsary enrolments consultancy report