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2022 Update

Each year the Commonwealth Treasurer asks the Commonwealth Grants Commission to update the relativities for distributing revenue from the Goods & Services Tax (GST) to state and territory governments. This ensures the distribution reflects changes in the financial circumstances of states and territories.

The Commission prepares the annual update according to terms of reference issued by the Commonwealth Treasurer. It also consults with state and territory governments on new issues of relevance. 


On 6 October 2021 the Commission released a paper on new issues affecting the 2022 Update, including the proposed treatment of Commonwealth payments. Submissions were received in November 2021.

New Issues for the 2022 Update (PDF 843KB) New Issues for the 2022 Update (DOCX 565KB)


NSW government (PDF 483KB) NT government (PDF 757KB)
Qld government (PDF 710KB) WA government (PDF 461KB)
SA government (PDF 170KB) Tas government (PDF 490KB)
ACT government (PDF 456KB) Vic government (PDF 634KB)
Vic government Attachment A (PDF 1,902KB) Vic government Attachment B (PDF 2,328KB)