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Final Reports

The terms of reference for each GST inquiry require the CGC to provide the Treasurer with a final report presenting, and explaining, its recommendations. These are the final reports which are produced annually.

  • A review report provides details about the principles, methods and data the CGC will use to determine its recommendations for the GST distribution in the review year and subsequent updates. 
  • An update report presents new recommendations for the distribution of GST revenue using the review methodology and latest financial and socio-demographic data.


2015 Review and Related Updates

2018 Update Report
2017 Update Report (PDF 1.91MB) 2017 Update Report (DOCX 2.38MB)
2016 Update Report (PDF 1.78MB) 2016 Update Report (DOCX 2.17MB)
2015 Review Report


For prior year Review and Update reports, please contact the CGC via secretary [at] cgc.gov.au (subject: Reports%20Request%3A) (email)