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2018 Update

Terms of Reference

On the 27th March 2018, the Commission received terms of reference for the 2018 Update.

Letter of Transmittal (PDF 17KB)
Terms of Reference (PDF 88KB)


Final Report

The report was provided to the Treasurer on Friday 28 March 2018, in accordance with the terms of reference. 

Final Report (PDF 1.73MB) Final Report (DOCX 4.58MB) Final Report (HTML)

Treasurer's Determination

Signed Determination for 2018-19 Relativities


Supporting Information

Treatment of Commonwealth payments (PDF 1.03 MB) Treatment of Commonwealth payments (DOCX 171 KB)
1. Population Data (XLSX 947 KB) 2. The Adjusted Budget Summary (XLSX 426 KB)
3. The Assessed Budget (XLSX 445 KB) 4. The Assessed Budget Category tables (XLSX 246 KB)
5. Analysis of Relativities Difference from EPC (XLSX 602 KB) 6. Analysis of change from previous update (XLSX 1.26 MB)
7. Revenue and Expense ratios (XLSX 192 KB) 8. Calculation of relativities (XLSX 68 KB)
9. Relativities over time (XLSX 45 KB)  



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